Best Investments to Make Outdoors For Listing Your Home This Summer

If you’re considering listing your home this summer, curb appeal is paramount. It’s the first thing prospective buyers see when viewing your home, and can set the tone for the rest of the tour. Check out the list of  things below that could help you sell your perfect oasis.   Exterior Paint A relatively inexpensive…

4 Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling… And How To Fix Them

Photo: christian koch / Unsplash If you thought selling a home was as easy as plonking a ‘for sale’ sign on the lawn and waiting by the phone, think again. In many competitive real estate markets across the country, it’s no secret that sellers have had the upper hand for a while — multiple offer scenarios, properties selling…

25 DIY Headboard Ideas

Why spend $1,200 on an upholstered headboard when you can DIY instead of buy? We’ve come up with 25 creative ideas for decorating a bedroom sans headboard. 1. Glue together various size birch slices for an earthy look. Photo: coffeepaintrepeat/Instagram 2. Reclaimed wood wall art will do the trick. Photo: eleventyonestudio/Instagram Browse EleventyOneStudio’s Etsy shop for similar products. 3. Or go with plywood…

Affordable Winter Warmth Ideas 

Whether you prefer to stay indoors during the chilly winter weather or get outside and get active, it’s nice to have your home be a warm refuge after a long day. As we transition from fall to winter, the air becomes cooler and the humidity begins to drop. While our heating systems in our homes…

Around the house – fall clean-up tips

As the cooler weather hits and the garden growing season ends, getting your home organized inside and out is a must. Here are some easy fall clean-up tips

Planning your basement transformation

Planning on doing a basement renovation this summer? Whether you plan to transform your basement into an office, bedroom, kitchen or family room, here are some basics you should consider before starting the work: Have a master plan – Is your space big or small? Tall or low ceilings? Do you need a second or…

Keep cool this summer

Now that the hot and humid days of summer have arrived, keeping cool at home has once again become a priority. If you’re looking for ways to reduce the temperature in your home without blasting the central air, we have tips for you.

A pre-listing home inspection can benefit everyone

In recent years, some sellers have taken the reins and obtained a pre-listing home inspection before their home even hits the market. There are a number of reasons why a pre-listing home inspection can benefit sellers as well as home buyers.

Winter Maintenance

Follow these maintenance tips during the winter season to keep your home safe and in shape.