Winter Maintenance

Follow these maintenance tips during the winter season to keep your home safe and in shape.

New year, new home

A new year doesn’t only have to mean a new you. Apply these New Year’s resolutions to your home and start the year off with a BANG! 1. Be more eco-friendly When buying products for your home consider products that are eco-friendly. There are many certified eco-friendly cleaners at local grocery stores that are easy…

Winter home essentials

The days are shorter, the nights are longer and the weather is becoming brutally cold. Winter is definitely upon us. Make sure to have these seasonal home essentials to get you ready for whatever winter throws your way! Shovels Snowstorms can come on quickly. Make sure to have the appropriate snow removal tools in your…

Keeping your home fresh in the cooler months

In Canada, when it comes to the seasons changing, it seems as though we go from zero to 60, without time to enjoy the transition. With the cooler temperatures now upon us we will likely begin closing all of the windows and doors to keep out the cold which can lead to a stuffy home….