Downsizing Tips

For many homeowners, the need for things such as multiple bedrooms diminishes as you look to retirement. If you decide to sell your family-sized home to purchase something smaller, you will inevitably have to get rid of some furniture and other belongings. To help ease the stress of giving up some of your cherished items, here are a few tips to keep you on track. 

Figure out your next move first before you post your treasured dining room set on Kijiji. Perhaps your new two-bedroom condo has a spacious dining room. When you know exactly where it is you’re moving to and the exact room dimensions, you can sell or give away any big items that just won’t fit in your new space.

At the same time, don’t leave everything to the last minute! Get a headstart on downsizing as soon as you buy a new home. Spend an hour or two each day going through the rooms of your current home, organizing and packing things up as you go. Carry a big box around with you for items you have no trouble parting with, at the end of the week you can offer the items to family or friends and make a run to a charity to get rid of what’s left. 

Purge any items you don’t use. When you’re trying to decide if you should bring that bulky food processor or toaster oven to your new kitchen, think about how much use it’s gotten over the past year. If it’s only once or twice, chances are you can pass it on to someone else without missing it. Lastly, make some money! It’s so easy these days to sell used items. From kitchen appliances to furniture, there’s someone out there who will gladly purchase your castaways.

Following these steps can help ease stress during what can be a hectic time. By planning ahead and giving yourself enough time to purge your current home, you should feel less stress in the long run! 


Whether you’re buying, selling, planning a move or just need a little advice on real estate or the Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo Region, contact us at or call (519)740-6400.

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