Moving in the Winter

Moving in Winter 2.jpg

Planning on moving this winter? It can be hard moving any time of the year, but it’s even more stressful during the winter. Here are some tips to help the move go smooth!

Schedule Extra Time 

With winter being unpredictable, make sure that you plan to be delayed by weather, meaning that it might take you extra time to get to your destination because of road conditions, or you might not be able to drive at all! Planning ahead will make sure that you aren’t adding any extra stress to yourself, and if you don’t happen to have a delay due to the weather well you’ll be ahead of schedule.

Take care of your items 

When packing up your household belongings, make sure to use extra care. Falling snow, hail, and ice on the ground can all affect your items. For electronics and items that are easily breakable, make sure to double wrap them as the harsh temperature changes could break or damage your belongings. 

Check your car 

If you’re driving, make sure your car is in excellent condition, especially if you’re driving long distances. Go to your mechanic and have them check over your car to make sure you have good tires, your oil is changed, and anything else your car might need to travel long distances. Also, pack blankets, and warm items in your car as well – it’s better to be over prepared than under prepared! 

Don’t forget to take care of your house! 

To protect your house, cover your floors to make sure they stay clean and protected. You can buy cheap tarps from Walmart or a nearby hardware store to lay down where the movers will be coming in and out of the house. Also, make sure to turn the heat off while the doors are open all day so you’re saving money on your electric bill! 

Whether you’re buying, selling, planning a move or just need a little advice on real estate or the Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo Region, contact us at or call (519)740-6400.

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