Create some unexpected curb appeal this winter

With winter in full swing you can no longer rely on your lush grass and fully bloomed gardens to give your home the character it deserves. It’s now time to give your home a facelift it by creating a warm inviting outdoor landscape.

1. Tidy the exterior – The first step to creating a clean and organized exterior is to head out doors to rake your lawn, trim your trees and perennials and clean out any weathered annuals from your garden. Be sure to also clear out your gutters, pull any weeds throughout your garden and walkway. This is also the perfect time to put away any remaining furniture and clutter that had accumulated through the summer including chairs, hoses, bikes and toys.

2. Finally finish your to-do list – Some household chores continue to be put off for as long as possible; however, now is the time to cross those off list. Replace burned out light bulbs while ensuring all are energy efficient and patch that hole in your eavestrough that’s been leaking all year.

3. Winterize your garden – If your climate allows, consider adding planting some plants that thrive throughout the winter. Plants such as honeysuckle, snowberry, winter jasmine, fountain grasses, cabbages and lambs ear can add life and colour to your exterior. If this isn’t an option, adding evergreens, holly bushes and yews to planter pots are great additions to any holiday décor and they hold up well during even the worst weather.

4. Add some holiday cheer – Hang a wreath on your front door and garland around your front porch you can add just enough eye-catching design to any home front. Fill window boxes with winter greenery such as cedar branches, euonymus, holly and birch bark twigs.

5. Year-round décor – By adding a statement piece that can stand the test of time, you can add sculptural interest to your house while making an artistic statement and you won’t have to worry about removing it after the season is through.

6. Driveways and sidewalks – What might be the most important and by far the simplest thing you can do throughout the winter is to shovel the snow off of your driveways, sidewalks and walkways up the your house.

It’s sometimes the smallest and easiest changes that make the most impact and create a great first impression!

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