Happy holiday entertaining!

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to get yourself and your home ready to welcome visitors. Whether your guests are staying for a short visit or planning a longer stay, there are some simple yet special ways you can make them feel at home during their stay.

1. Insure your kitchen is stocked with festive drinks, coffees and snacks. You are bound to have an expected guest or two stop by over the holidays. Rather than being caught off guard, be sure to have some holiday must-haves stocked up in your kitchen. This will turn any unexpected guest into a welcomed guest without the stress.

2. Cosy up your sofa with some festive-inspired throw blankets and pillows. There is nothing cosier on a winter day than snuggling into a soft, warm blanket. This comfort will make your visitors feel relaxed and right at home.

3. When planning for longer, overnight visits, be sure to make your guest room feel warm and welcoming. Insure the room has as minimal clutter and knick knacks laying around to allow your guest to feel welcome and not like they are taking over your own space. Prepare the bed with soft, clean sheets and extra blankets, allowing them the opportunity to choose to add or remove a blanket to be as comfortable at your home as they are in theirs. Be sure to also leave a couple of dresser drawers empty and extra hangers in the closet to allow your guests to unpack and feel more welcomed.

Knowing that we usually forget something while packing, it is nice to provide a little welcome basket with essential toiletry items such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste and new toothbrushes You could also add breath mints, bottles of water, magazines, Tums and packaged snacks. As an added special touch, stack a few fluffy towels on the dresser next to a vase of fresh flowers.

If you don’t have a dedicated guest room in your home, try to make your guests’ sleeping area as comfortable as possible. Using a portable screen can help provide them a bit of extra privacy.

4. Your guests may be early risers and you’ll want them to feel as comfortable in your home as possible. By setting up a little breakfast station on the counter complete with a coffee maker, kettle, toaster, along with some mugs, cutlery, sugar, bowls, fresh fruit and bread, your guests won’t be forced to search every cupboard or leave the house to find what they need.

The holidays are all about taking time out to be with family and friends. By putting your guests first, you can create many lasting holiday memories for you both. Happy holiday entertaining!

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