When the weather outside is chilly…time to maintain your furnace!

The cold air is here… snow is on the ground and your furnace is getting set to provide your family with heat all winter through. Here are a few simple tips to prepare for winter start up. After all, preventive maintenance could save you a costly furnace repair job.

Clean up!

Time to clean your furnace! Turn off the furnace and then remove the cover that hides the burner and inner workings. Use a light brush or a vacuum on a low setting to scoop up all of the black particles, cobwebs and debris.

Clear out!

Your furnace needs to breathe! So, be sure you don’t use the furnace area as a storage space. It needs to be tidy for optimal performance and anything flammable should be moved out of the way.

Change the air filter

To determine whether it’s time to change the filter, hold it up to a light bulb that’s on. If you can see a clear outline of the bulb, your filter is still good. If not, it’s time for a new one. If you have pets, or are a smoker, you’ll need to change the furnace filter more often.

Is the carbon monoxide detector working?

Any unnecessarily high levels of carbon monoxide will set off your detector, which means the odourless gas is present in your home making it very dangerous. In such a case, get out and call for help. It’s super important to know the life span of your detectors! Also, do you know what the various sounds your detector makes? You should!

Check the pilot light

Make sure the pilot light is a deep blue colour. But, if it is another colour then it is not working properly.

Set your winter temperatures on your thermostat

Make it warmer for the times you are home and cooler for the times you are not. (But not too low or the water pipes in your house will freeze in winter.) A thermostat with a timer that you can schedule can help you save money!

Walk and observe

Be sure there are no leaks or water pooling near the furnace and check chimney, ductwork, dampers, valves, radiators, registers and pipes throughout the house for leaks or any obstructions.

If you are ever unsure, or notice any problems with your furnace it’s always best to consult a professional.

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