Snow Drifts and House Showings

After being out last night until 9, scrambling over snow drifts to get clients in and out of the car, this morning’s article in the Toronto Star was certainly timely.    Search “Selling your House in the Winter ” .

Our Cambridge and KW real estate market is still busy, and those traditional winter blues and slow down doesn’t seem to be affecting our sale prices.

The low inventory has been a problem for Buyers ( and a boon for Sellers) since the Spring, so it is hard to tell if January will have a lower than average number of listings come on track.

But here are a few  tips, from the views of a Selling Rep with Clients –

  • We all have boots on, please make sure there are lots of spots for us to get in and get organized so we don’t track slush through your foyer.  And we can’t help but make a mess, so you need to constantly mop up between showings to keep that area sparkling
  • Please keep it safe for us25c8808900000578-0-image-m-51_1424255930667, and de-ice the walk and steps.  I have paperwork in my hands, a smart phone with the door code and I will  be talking – trying to sell your home.  I won’t be paying as much attention as I should be to my walking around
  • It’s dark early – can you make sure to have that front door lit?  As an agent, I usually try to leave a light on for you too, when you arrive back home after the showings
  • Snow Plowed, driveway and walkway – it’s not just for safety, it is also a symbol of a well tended home
  • Parking in a garage is a luxury in the winter – does yours look like it could fit a car in it?  Maybe this is an area to de-clutter.
  • I also will reinforce from the Toronto Star article, that having the heat on and the house cozy is a nice touch.  We’ve been in and out of the car and have cold feet and fingers, when we are down in the basement in our sock feet a cozy house is a treat and leaves us with a good feeling.

All of our staff will go over these and more tips as part of our full services real estate package.  The marketing of your home goes beyond the advertising.


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